Certain things make consumers behave the way they do when they come to your product page. These behavioral factors determine whether a consumer will buy from you or not.

You’ve got to understand that your product page is more or less your social page. It must be relate-able. A research showed that consumers interact with their brand social page throughout the day, but the period of activities differ from a particular time of day to the other.

For example, it’s observed that 43% of users visit their brand page before bed, while 19% do so when they wake up in the morning.

Social network users are more likely to complain about a particular product through a website (44%), compared to 36% that would do so on the phone. Only 22% are likely to make their complaints through a letter.

In the same vein, your product page must act as your social page where you interact and engage your customers.

Why do consumers get fed up with boring product pages?

Some of the reasons behind a consumer getting fed up with boring product pages include but are not limited to the following:

Boring safe ads: A consumer is likely to get fed up with a brand page if the ads are boring. The Guardian reveals that of the over 3,500 advertising messages a consumer is exposed to daily, almost 99% has no impact.

Copycat advertising: When a brand presents an ad that looks similar to that of a competitor just because the competitor’s ad was successful, the brand is likely going to make its consumers bored in the long run. They will always spot the imitation.

Unnecessary feedback: Has a brand ever asked you for a feedback regarding their product? Asking for unnecessarily long feedbacks from consumers also make them fed up with your brand page.

Poor product images: Some product images are so unprofessional that they end up making consumers bored. Instead of using Photoshop or other quality photo editors, some go ahead to use paint to edit images.

How to better design your product sales page for conversion

If you need more conversion, then there is a need to design your sales page to look better. Just add the following to your page if you want to increase conversions:

Add high-quality dynamic product images to the pages

A product zoom feature: Buyers should be able to zoom the products.

Include a privacy policy link: It increases consumer’s trust.

Add product videos: They help to increase sales

Show expected delivery date. This also enables buyers to know when to expect their products.

Show shopping cost: Is the shipping free or does it attract a cost? This should be clearly stated on all pages.

Here is the detailed infographic:

Source: 99MediaLab.com.

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