How to Effectively Use Colours in Your Visual Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

Are colours a part of your visual social media strategy?

Promoting yourself with visual social media is more than just sharing the right text (on images) or shapes or photos on your social media pages. Colour plays an important role too. While writing your visual social media strategy you need to take colour into account and create and share images that contain the right colour that your audience wants to see and engage with.

The right colour can vary depending on the region, age, social media, etc. As I have already covered tips on how to create a visual social media strategy in the infographic How to Thrive on Social Media With Images I decided to create a new infographic which can help you incorporate colour into it. Check it out below and use both these infographics to create a colourful and powerful visual social media strategy…

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Do you use colours in your visual social media strategy? What colours and visuals have worked well for you? Please leave your comments below.

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