The influence of social media on our purchasing decisions is growing and according to latest infographic released by Invesp, US social commerce is estimated to reach 14 Billions by 2015 and will represent 5% of the total retail sales by 2015. A positive review on social media can increase the product value upto 9.5% whereas a negative review can reduce the purchase intent of customer by 11%.

Facebook is the biggest source of orders from social media sites i.e 85% . In terms of categories, 98% of social media orders in Photography category come from Facebook followed by Sports & Recreation (94%), Pet Supplies (94%) and Dropshipping (93%).

Polyvore has the highest average order value by social referrer $66.75 followed by Instagram ($65.00) , Pinterest ($58.95) and Facebook ($55.00).

Check out the infographic below for detailed facts and statistics.

Infographic source