Did you know that experts estimate that one in seven drivers has no car insurance? That’s right. So, if this happens in reality, why not in the television series’ world? Well – unfortunately for us because this idea could help us create a fun show and win lots of money –, this is not a new idea: characters like the hopeless Homer Simpson or the naïve Mr. Bean have been driving for years without deserving a driving license, let alone a car insurance.

No, they are some of the ultimate uninsurable drivers we present in our latest infographic. We chose the five most famous reckless drivers in the history of television to make our point. Along with Homer Simpson and Mr. Bean, our infographic also features the best stories of Sheldon Cooper, Peter Griffin and Simon Cooper, from different TV shows. Whether it is because they are stubborn, easily distracted or think they are too good to drive, all these characters have something in common: they shouldn’t have the right to insure a car.

Simon Cooper, from the show “The Inbetweeners”, lost one of his yellow Fiat Cinquecento doors during a parking accident at Thorpe Park and now has a red one to “disguise” the missing door. And if you think this was bad, think about Sheldon Cooper, from “The Big Bang Theory”. The man doesn’t even have a driving license! In the meanwhile, he has been driving. Well, just in emergencies (like when his neighbor Penny broke her arm in the shower and he had to take her to the hospital), since he claims driving is a “menial task”.

And then there’s Peter Griffin, from “Family Guy”. This one has too many good stories to share with you like this, since they are all so well displayed on our infographic. Want to know more about all of these uninsurable drivers? You know what to do.