Each year, people lament about how this will be the year that they make big changes to their diet, exercise, & health routines — even if they don’t have one in place. One of the main reasons why people are unsuccessful in sticking with their health regime, is that they try to do too much at once. They go too hard at the gym after not going for a month, and nearly kill themselves. Spending the next half a week recovering before they can enjoy the local gym again. They’ll push themselves on a 7 mile run, and get a blister the size of Connecticut on the bottom of their foot, causing them more recovery time. Behavior experts tell us that even small changes can lead to big impacts towards our health goals. Its about working smarter, not harder, and these uncommon wellness tips are just the ticket to get you back on track.

Finding actionable tips to help you control your blood sugar, get better sleep, increase your immunity, and more – are all in this graphic created by WellnessFx. The key at the top of the graphic is a Biomarker Bank, that you can use to pinpoint the areas you’d like to improve on most, and then move onto other tips you’d like to implement as well. By using these Biomarker indicators, you can trim your focus to tasks that can be introduced one at a time, instead of going full throttle and risking burnout.

Minimizing blood sugar spikes is always a good idea. It will help reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other future chronic diseases. In order to do this, here’s some handy tips to get you started. A lot of it is common sense, but then again, common sense isn’t so common. Eat smaller, more frequent meals to consume less carbohydrates at once. Slow your roll when stuffing food into your face. Eat sweet potatoes cause they have low-glycemic complex carbohydrates that your body absorbs slower. Avoid those gut busting sugary filled drinks like soda and juice, they cause you to ingest a too much simple sugars in a short amount of time.

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via: WellnessFx