Uber has completely taken over the global taxi service business. The mobile application that connects passengers with taxis for hire in their nearby vicinity has now become a synonym for a taxi itself. You don’t call a cab anymore, you call an Uber when you are late for a flight or need a pick and drop service of any sort.

It all started way back in 2009 when Garett Camp, the founder of StumbleUpon, came across an idea of providing app-based taxi services. Along with Travis Kalanick, he conceptualized this idea and as they say it, the rest is history.

Starting from being just another ‘start-up’ in 2009, Uber attracted a lot of investors and received $200,000 in seed funding as its first round of funding. There was no looking back for Uber then. As of 2016, Uber has received $14.11 billion in funding and is the global taxi service leader.

Moreover, Uber has also acquired deCarta, a geospatial software platform that powers a plethora of location-based service applications. Along with that it has also acquired part of Bing’s mapping assets and is planning to absorb hundreds of Microsoft employee, thereby making it one of the most successful start-up ventures of all time.

But the fact that will surprise most of you is that Uber, without owning any vehicles of its own, is currently worth more than most global automobile giants. As of 2016, Uber’s net worth stands at $62.5 billion, which is more than:

  • BMW: $60.4 Billion
  • Ford: $54.2 Billion
  • Honda: #51.1 Billion
  • General Motors: $49.6 Billion
  • $Nissan: $42.9 Billion

So, basically a taxi service providers with no vehicles of its own is worth more than the biggest brands in the automobile industry. If that doesn’t spell SUCCESS, then what does?

To know more cool and astounding facts about Uber, check out the cool infographic developed by Unboxing Deals below.

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