I admit it, I never really got the infographic craze. All the scrolling. The information density. I could see it in a 6 foot poster on my wall but studying the image on my 20” monitor just didn’t inspire me. So an infographic really needs to scream value in order to get my attention or get me to share it. That said, there are two recent infographics about trends that do have my attention. Here they are, and here are my thoughts on each.trending-now-infographics

#1 The Content Marketing Game #infographic

I’ve written before on the demise of SEO. I’ve also written about the increasing importance of content marketing in getting found and building authority – two key factors in generating leads online. For me, this infographic did a great job capturing the rules of the content marketing game from the two most important perspectives: channels and process.

I especially like the very first “rule” of the game. Start anywhere. It’s true. There are some hard and fast rules for playing and winning at content marketing – such as only create original content and link to other authoritative, popular content – but it really doesn’t matter whether you start with web articles, blogs, email, video… they all end up working together, so start with what you are most comfortable with. The important part is to write for your audience, share valuable information and become a reliable resource.

#2 The Top 20 Social Networks #infographic

These days it’s rare to find someone who isn’t using social media. We all followed the much anticipated, meteoric public offering of Facebook… and its stock’s subsequent return to earth. Which has left everyone looking for the value in social media.

It’s sort of a return to internet 1999. The bubble was bursting. Everyone knew the internet had changed the world forever but we suddenly figured out that eyeballs didn’t equal value and we were left looking “for the beef”. That’s where I think we are in the social media space. People know things have changed, the market is moving from adolescence into young adulthood and we’re looking for the value.

This InfoGraphic captured the progression of social media well for me. It starts with a bar chart where you can see the social networks and the number of users on each of them. They then segment the different networks into clubs:  100 Million Users, Rising Stars, the Stable, the Child Prodigies and finally the Cooling Off. Take a look!!

Share your thoughts on these two infographics on the trends that are shaping information and lead generation online today. Do you know of other infographics that are especially good?