If you’re struggling to hire and retain awesome candidates, do yourself a favor and look at the type of candidates you attract. Do they have a multitude of skillsets? Come from varying backgrounds? Or are they all similar?

When all of your employees are clones of one another, it can be hard to create a well-rounded team. Without a diverse workforce, many companies unfortunately stay stagnant or stuck in outdated practices.

The following infographic, compiled by InternMatch, an online platform connecting the best intern candidates and employers, illustrates why diversity in a team is important and how to incorporate it into your hiring strategy. Here are some key points to note:

  • 81% of companies plan to focus on recruiting diverse candidates in 2014
  • More than 85% of companies are taking action to hire African Americans, Latinos, and women
  • 36.7% of companies plan to reserve intern spots for diverse students in 2014

Check out the full infographic below!

What do you think? How do you incorporate diversity into your recruitment strategy?