We all love a little holiday but is the travel sector behind with times? Can SMS improve our summer holiday?

There was a time when going away on holiday and going on a plane meant you were part of an exclusive and envious club, however now it is all pretty common and standard practice.

The mobile revolution has enabled many different sectors and businesses to improve their products and customer service ultimately making things easier or better for their customer – has the travel sector?

Airports are filled with glum tired faces as they snake around endless queues, can mobile marketing eliminate some of these problems?

Can we not pre-pay for a car parking space and on arrival receive a text message letting us know where our space is? No more rushing to get a ticket, searching for a space, or forgetting where you parked it.

Can we cut down the queue time by checking in through our mobile and receive our boarding pass through a text?

No one wants to arrive at the airport to see ‘Your flight has been delayed’ on the big screens – text us and let us know so we can have an extra hour by the swimming pool.

Texting and phoning people on a plane might not be the best idea but the mighty mobile is so much more than that now – put power points in the backs of seats on planes and let us charge and use our mobile device to listen to music, play games and watch films.

Hotels could let us check in/out, choose rooms, order food and drink all via our mobile. The Hilton hotel has said that by 2016 you will be able to do all this via your mobile in their hotels – your mobile will even act as your room key.

More and more people are going on holiday and it is about time the travel sector caught up with the mobile revolution so they can make it as easy and stress free for us as possible because whoever manages to harness the power of the mighty mobile will win the customers over.

Some little holiday stats…

Source: Text Marketer