One of the most aggravating things about planning a vacation is figuring out what hotels, restaurants, and attractions are really the best. If you’re traveling to India, for example, you probably don’t know which hotel chains offer the best deals. There are sponsored listings that show up when you’re trying to buy online, and review sites often hire people to write them glowing recommendations. A travel agent doesn’t have an agenda (other than to get you good deals), and they’ll give you their honest opinion based on your budget, the time of year, etc.

But arguably the best thing about a booking agent is having someone else to handle the really difficult and stressful tasks. Having someone on your side when you’re dealing with rescheduling or canceling a trip or reservation can be a huge relief. They’re someone who can argue on your behalf when life takes you by surprise and forces you to adjust your plans. And who doesn’t want that?

Source: Travelopod