Small businesses are often guilty of neglecting or rushing their website design in order to get it running as soon as possible. But the fact is – a wrong website design with substandard images and cluttered navigation can easily drive a lot of your customers away, leading to losses of thousands of dollars in terms of potential revenue.

So no matter if you are a budding entrepreneur looking to build a website from scratch or a seasoned businessman planning to revamp your existing website, check out the below infographic by AddPeople – one of the biggest and most experienced Internet Marketing agencies in the UK. A comprehensive compilation of the basics of building a great website, this amazing infographic has some great tips to get your website start working for you!

With the number of mobile Internet users increasing every day, it has become very important that your website has a responsive design which looks great on both your desktop and your mobile phone. Apparently, a significant 43 percent of customers have said that a negative mobile shopping experience can force them to give up on a website and check out a competitor in its place.

Branding is another area that you have to pay particular attention to when it comes to designing a website for your business. A website with a consistent look and feel in terms of logo, font, colors, and language can help develop trust amongst your website visitors and establish your brand’s identity.

Excellent professional images that help your business objectives and complement the design and layout are a must for any website. If you are not convinced, here is a fact – website which use generic stock photos often have 48% lesser conversion rates than those who don’t!

Clear, uncluttered navigation is fourth on AddPeople’s list and rightly so. With 44 percent of consumers saying that they find it difficult to explore the websites of small businesses, it is important to make sure that your website is navigation-friendly. Remember, a website which is easy to navigate encourages your visitors to spend more time on your website.

All small businesses should also make sure that your contact details are displayed prominently on the website. This increases trust among your customers when it comes to doing business with you.

While striking headlines and useful content are essential for attracting and retaining the interest of your visitors, don’t forget to make sure that all important information is placed above the page fold and is easily visible – even without scrolling – because that is where your customer gives his greatest attention.

And if you want your visitors to take specific action on your website,use strong calls-to-actions that stand out and encourage them to contact you, sign up, fill a form and so on. You can also promote your content and make sure that you reach the right audience by including videos, blogs and other downloadables on your platform.

And finally, include trust indicators – reviews, awards, guarantees or testimonials – on your website to invite your customers’ trust and tellthemwhat they can expect from you.

Enjoy the following infographic, courtesy of AddPeople: