Top E-Commerce Trends to Keep and Eye On [Infographic]

E-commerce and internet marketing have quickly changed the way products and services are bought and sold in the world today. In just the past decade, the number of individuals who are now buying online versus shopping in local retailers has drastically increased year over year… and we’ve only just gotten started.

While the internet has changed how people buy products, it’s also changed of businesses and brands need to promote and sell their products and services to people around the world.

Through the “Top Ecommerce Trends to Watch” infographic below, created by Infographic Design Team, we can take a look at the hottest trends in online shopping and business.

While there is a lot to cover, I’ve hand-selected some of the most important stats and trends for you below.

  • Online shopping is up by 45% in 2016. This year alone, U.S. online shoppers will spend $327 billion in 2016, which is up 45% from the $226 billion spent in 2015.
  • Smartphone revenues will soon overtake desktop revenues.
  • At the end of 2015, the mobile share of global e-commerce transaction was over 40%. By 2017, U.S. customers’ mobile engagement behavior will drive mobile commerce revenue in the U.S. to 50%.
  • Beacons are quickly becoming one of the most effective forces behind driving more retail sales, with 3.5 billion active beacons planning to be installed by the end of 2018.
  • 71% of retailers are able to track and understand customer’s buying patterns through the use of beacons. 82% of customers make purchases based on time they spend in-aisle.
  • With more focus on location data tracking, more sales, engagement and ROI is on the rise. Location-targeted mobile ad revenue are expected to grow from $4.3 billion in 2014, to a staggering $18.2 in 2019.
  • Mobile payments are loyalty programs are definitely huge contributors to the overall e-commerce market. Mobile payment methods will be high, as mobile traffic pushes past the 50% mark and technical capabilities continue to improve.