Many small business owners put off blogging thinking this “fad” is just a waste of their time and effort. This line of thinking is not what successful Digital Marketers have with regards to business blogging.

As much as 81% believe business blogging is a critical business process according to Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Report.

The latest iteration of this report, generated from a survey that involved 3,500 marketing professionals, revealed that blogging is one of the most important lead sources for their business and is highlighted as having the most substantial impact in terms of ROI performance.

These figures are just some of the factual evidences that proved blogging as a very important business resource. If you’re still not convinced with these figures, then let the following top proven benefits change your mindset about business blogging.

1. Business Blogging Generates Relevant Traffic  – eMarketer previously predicted that as much as 60% of the entire American internet population will read blogs at least once a month. Figures could have gone way over that threshold, with the likes of HubSpot confirming that at least 46% of people online read blogs at least once a day.

2. Business Blogging Helps You Generate More Leads – Companies that harnessed the power of business blogs reaped the fruits of their efforts by generating up to 67% more leads than businesses without blogs.

3. Business Blogging Helps Your Acquire New Customers – The 2013 version of HubSpot’s report highlighted the same figures, with as much as 82% of marketers surveyed getting a new customer by blogging daily. The latest update of HubSpot’s report highlighted that blog content creation is the top inbound marketing project for companies in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

4. Business Blogging Generates a Positive Marketing ROI – In 2013, HubSpot reported that as much as 79% of companies with blogs generated a positive ROI for all their efforts. The recent version of this report highlighted that blogs remain to have the highest overall impact in terms of generating a positive ROI, with businesses and marketers who focused on business blogging generating up to 13 times more likelihood of generating a positive ROI.

5. Business Blogging Establishes You as an Industry Expert or Leader – The Internet is a great equalizer with the fact that even small businesses can go head-to-head with large corporations online by developing the trust and loyalty of their targeted customers. They can develop such clout as an industry leader or an expert through the valuable information they can share though their business blogs.

6. Business Blogging Develops Stronger Customer Relationships – One of the attributes of business blogging that differs itself from traditional push advertising is the engagement and interactive facilities present in blogs that can help you develop stronger relationships with your customers. You and your audience can engage in healthy conversations through the comments areas commong to most blogs.

7. Business Blogging Builds a Strong Social Media Presence – In Social Media marketing, your brand and business can be discovered by targeted audiences that can eventually turn into leads and sales. But like any other digital marketing channel, social media needs content, preferably evergreen content that you can generate through your business blogs.

8. Business Blogging Drives Long-Term Results – Consider this fact: HubSpot reported that as much as 70% of website traffic each month was not generated by their active posts for that month – but from posts that were published in previous months. What this means is that an article or a blog post you publish today can still create a big impact on your business for days, months or even years to come. That’s long term benefits for you!

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Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.