Throughout the years, the importance of building a stronger relationship with existing customers has been a priority of many businesses, especially those that operates in the business-to-business sector . Many companies have already realized that gaining new customers should not only be the sole priority of their marketing efforts but also ensuring that all their present loyal customers are still getting the same treatment from the business long after they made their last purchase.

Defined by Influitive as the activities that “are designed to drive retention, loyalty, advocacy, growth and community participation for current customers”, Customer Marketing is pivotal in keeping the balance between the efforts being given to new and existing customers of the brand. Since it cost more to attract a new customer than to retain loyal ones, this tactic ensures that company is maximizing the opportunity to sell more to present and active customers, and get their ROI from all the resources they spent to win them over.

But like marketing, this approach is also subject to change. And as such, one should always look for the latest trends and shifts that take place on this field to ensure that all the efforts are in line with the changing needs of both the industry and the market.

In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below which reveals the top eight trends that will shape the world of B2B customer marketing in 2017.

  1. Higher Importance of Testimonials
  2. More Focus on Customer User Groups/Events
  3. Interactive Newsletters
  4. Advocate Marketing
  5. Online Customer Community Interaction
  6. Customer Satisfaction Systems
  7. Cross Sell/Upsell Campaigns
  8. Referral Programs

In conclusion, these factors at play can help you improve your customer retention and create more loyal customers to your brand. Consider all these trends on your overall marketing strategy and you’ll surely improve your bottom line this year.

Embedded from Digital Marketing Philippines.