Conducting an interview in a cereal bowl is no easy task—it requires a good deal of skill and preparation. It’s no big deal at all, however, for Cap’n Crunch. The Cap’n is a spectacular late-night talk show host. After all, his questions probe deeper than 20,000 leagues under the milk sea and he’ll always uncover the truth. One of the reasons Cap’n Crunch is such an amazing interviewer is that he has perfected the art of interviewing in a cereal bowl.

You just can’t stop ‘til you get to the bottom when interviewing in a cereal bowl. An effective cereal bowl interviewer—like the Cap’n—will never let anything interfere with his or her pursuit of the truth. They’ll stay incredibly focused, motivated and will never allow anything to become a distraction. Exceptional cereal bowl interviewers know how to get rough and play dirty—and they understand that what happens in the bowl, stays in the bowl.

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