With almost 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook is undeniably the largest social media platform globally.

While it may be true that fewer young people are using Facebook and more and more people over 55 are signing up, the platform still remains relevant in social media’s ever-changing scene.

The usage of Facebook has become a part of our daily routine. In fact, it has entered into our lives so effortlessly that it’s hard to imagine one without Facebook. Because of this, the platform helps people easily connect with one another.

And businesses know this, too. The increasing popularity of Facebook has made brands rethink their marketing strategies and their relationship with customers.

This is why marketers need to include Facebook when planning their marketing strategy.

To make sure you are creating the right one for your business, you must analyze the metrics that really matter on the platform.

Facebook announced that starting with June 30, 2021, Facebook Analytics will no longer be available, so you’ll need to shift your attention to more complex Facebook analytics tools.

With so many options on the market, it may seem hard to choose the right tool for your brand. Luckily for you, I created this shortlist of top 5 Facebook analytics tools that every marketer should try in 2021.

  • Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a social media analytics and benchmarking tool through which you can measure the performance of your Facebook account and track all the meaningful metrics, like engagement rate, reach, impressions, posts evolution, demographics, and much more.

Its Facebook analytics feature gives you a complete overview of your page performance, what’s working and what’s not.

  • Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights has an analytics dashboard that you can access directly from the Facebook app.

With Facebook Insights, you can track business page user behaviors and posts performance, giving you basic metrics

  • Facebook Creator Studio

This app is similar to Facebook Insights, but it provides more in-depth analytics for Facebook business pages, videos, and stories.

With Facebook Creator Studio you can post, manage, monetize, and track content performance across both your Facebook and Instagram business pages

  • Facebook Business Suite

This is the app that Facebook encouraged its business page admins to use after Facebook Analytics was gone.

Facebook Business Suite allows marketers to manage their Facebook and Instagram pages simultaneously and includes messaging, advertising, scheduling, and analytics.

  • Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool through which marketers can measure the effectiveness of their advertising by understanding the behaviors and actions of people.

This app will tell you who gets to your website through Facebook content, how your ads drive visitors, and what those visitors do when they get to your website.

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