Here I have a interesting and handy infographic from the United Kingdom based expert transcription company called Fingertips Typing Services all about words that we often get mixed up.

There are lots of words in the English language that sound much the same or have a similar spelling but have a totally different meaning. Using the right word is very important, especially when you are writing a crucial email or letter. A huge number of people accidentally use these commonly misused words, which can cause major complications and mix up your written communications.

To help solve this problem this infographic teaches us all about the most commonly mixed up words such as affect and effect, your and you’re, accept and except and many more. For each word in the infographic the meaning is provided and there are example sentences showing you exactly how to use the various words.

Which words do you get mixed up a lot? Please let me know by leaving a comment here or by posting on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. I hope that you find this infographic useful and that it will help you to write better letters and emails.

Infographic by Fingertips Typing Services