Numerous consumers are now becoming increasingly reliant on online means when it comes to doing their everyday shopping. However, this doesn’t fully turn aside the fact that most shoppers are still subject to the buy-o-phobia that gets the better of them in many of their online shopping sessions. Proof enough of this is the rate of shopping cart abandonment that plagues many e-commerce sites nowadays.

If you are one of the many webmasters who is having this problem, one way that you can immediately respond to it is to pinpoint exactly what causes your prospective customers to abandon their carts. According to research, hidden prices are the primary reason why most users hesitate in pushing the ‘Checkout’ button; second only to sites that require their users to fill up tedious registration forms before one can place an order. Take note that there is plenty of research that point to forced registrations as the major culprit of shopping cart abandonment.

There is also solid proof that having engaging and responsive content goes a long way. And, when we say ‘engaging’, this is the type of content that would convince your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. Besides boosting your content, you might also consider adding elements like progress indicators (in muti-page checkouts) and limiting the number of steps that the shopper should take.

Giving your customers more than one payment option is also a plus for it adds to overall user convenience, besides making your site more trustworthy. Optimizing your site to help foster and improve the user’s experience while shopping is highly recommended as well. Because in the end, decreasing shopping cart abandonment rate comes down to earning your customers’ trust. And, if you simply follow our helpful tips, you can be sure that it won’t take long for you to earn it.

Tips to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Via Forix Webdesign

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