London based The Air Conditioning Company struggled to explain how loud air conditioners are on their website.

Most people don’t know what a decibel sounds like or looks like and they were not 100% sure themselves.

Airconco started to do some research to try and make decibels easier to understand. They initially started off creating an infographic to explain how loud air conditioners are but did not know what the cut off point should be and then they discovered the World’s loudest noise.

The company did lots of research and found out that decibels and noise levels are a very controversial subject. Some people think that a plane taking off is louder then a spaceship launch which cannot be true. They found out that many people forget to mention how far away they are from the sound when measuring the noise level and because they are in London there are no space stations around.

Visit the Airconco website to check out the interactive infographic they have created which shows the loudest noises in the World. Click on the different things on the infographic to hear the noises they make such as the Mount Tambora earthquake or the Tunguska Meteor.

Here is the infographic but the sounds don’t work so you will have to click on the link below it to see it working properly.

Check out the all singing and dancing interactive infographic by visiting The Air Conditioning Company