email newslettersAh, the email newsletter. One of the staples of email marketing and one of the most frequently botched forms of email marketing. I feel like it’s a commandment of marketing, the more popular and important something is, the more frequently there are brands and companies out there doing it completely wrong.

And email newsletters are important and popular. Nowadays, most companies have one that’s sent out either weekly or monthly. But sometimes companies send them out without realizing how valuable they can truly be. They simply throw something together so that they can claim their business name is showing up in their customers’ inboxes on a recurring basis. But guess what? That’s not enough.

This great infographic from iContact is all about email newsletters. It may be a few months old, but the information in it is as true as it was the day this was created.

Tweetable tidbits:

  • Email newsletters nurture both potential and existing customers at the same time
  • 93% of “netizens” prefer brand interaction via email subscriptions over social networks
  • Invest in a custom design that reflects your business – generic templates will just get skimmed.
  • Keep your email newsletter clean by keeping it to just a few hundred words and a few images.
  • Keep your subscribers happy by sticking to the content they’re expecting.
  • Consider displaying all email newsletters on your website to keep them circulating longer.
  • Sending emails to people who haven’t subscribed isn’t just a waste, it’s against the law.
  • An unsubscribe isn’t always the end of the relationship, but ignoring it will be.
  • Promote your email newsletter using your website, social media sites, and widgets to grow your list.

via iContact

How do you add value to your email newsletter? Leave suggestions below in the comments!

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