Marketing is a fluid landscape. Marketers must constantly adapt to stay current. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what keeps the work fresh and exciting. Best practices change, strategies are re-evaluated, and the tools of the trade are constantly modified.

2015 has brought many changes to the world of digital marketing. MDG Advertising has highlighted five major social media trends in their “State of the Internet 2015” infographic. Here’s our take on some of the findings…

#1 Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Are Core Platforms.
A survey of 3,270 marketers found that these three social networks are considered “core tools for engaging customers.” While Facebook and Twitter have solid footing with consumers and LinkedIn with professionals… there’s a big name missing here: Instagram. This past week, Instagram announced its user base hit 400 million, making it larger than the United States. With new(ish) advertising options, a revamped Discover feature, and a relentlessly growing user-base, Instagram will be topping out everybody’s list of “essential” social media platforms this time next year. It’s surprising to not see it appear in MDG’s survey of marketers.

#2 Pinterest Is Deeper Than You Think.
Pinterest used to be a female-oriented platform: women’s fashion, food, design, crafts, etc. Not anymore. Since 2014, Pinterest has seen a 96% increase in men’s fashion pins and a 118% increase in car and motorcycle pins. What Pinterest lacks in depth of interaction between users, it makes up for in web traffic. This platform is at least worth a consideration for every business.

#3 Facebook Is All About Video.
If you read the BuzzPlant Blog with any regularity, then you know we hammer on this point all the time: Facebook is becoming a video platform. Read why you should be posting native Facebook videos. This is one social media trend that won’t be a “trend” for much longer… soon it will become every marketer’s modus operandi.

#4 E-Commerce Integration Is Getting Better.
You’ve probably noticed that many of your favorite social networks are integrating call-to-action buttons, some of which include a “buy” option. Facebook, Google+, and Twitter have all added such a feature. It won’t be long before shopping on Facebook is the norm.

#5 Messaging Apps Are Booming.
For Millennials, it’s all about the messaging apps. Six of the top 10 most-used apps globally are messaging apps, reports MDG. At least four – Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram – you probably use yourself. Take a quick look at our recent post, “Everything to Know About Your Audience’s Social Media Habits,” to see the evidence for yourself: people are more interested in what their friends and family members have to say than what your brand has to say.

What 5 Social Media Trends Do You See?
What are the biggest changes in 2015 that have affected how you do social media? What digital marketing trends do you see on the horizon?