What does product marketing look like in 2015? Well, as The Blueprint of Modern Product Launch Marketing explains, adoption is high, content is key, channels are diverse, and measurement is increasingly important.

But one of the most critical components of modern product marketing is indicative of a shift across marketing: the importance of buyer-centricity.

For example, the content that today’s marketers create is not the business-centered, product-focused content often associated with B2B product launches.

Sure, the data sheets and FAQs are still critical; you need your sales team to be equipped with content that explains what the heck your new product or feature does. But before you can even engage your buyers and address these details, product marketers know they need to understand—and speak to—the buyers’ problems.

In fact, understanding buyer needs is the most cited go-to-market strategy by B2B product marketers.

Check out the infographic below to get a glimpse into where product marketing stands today.

And, if you’re ready to maximize the impact of the product marketing content you’re creating, download The Blueprint of Modern Product Launch Marketing to learn how to identify your target audience, facilitate each buyer stage with engaging content, enable internal teams, and measure success.

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