At Sales Performance International, we are passionate about the emerging practice of Social Selling. Combined with a solid sales process, the strategic use of social media can dramatically improve the efforts of professional sellers—from more accurate prospecting efforts to overcoming objections, shortening sales cycles and developing deeper relationships with clients.

Like many new practices, however, there is room for misunderstanding and abuse. Social Selling should not give sellers as excuse to spam people, to use information gleaned from social media sites inappropriately, or to portray professional sales people in a bad light.

When it is done well, Social Selling can facilitate the buying process. However, when it is done poorly, it can leave a bad taste in the prospect’s mouth and potentially backfire on the seller as well as the company he or she represents.

With that in mind, we decided to create the Social Selling Manifesto. In it, we state our intentions for how we plan to conduct our own Social Selling efforts, as well as what we intend to convey to those we train. We hope that others will share and embrace these principles as the concept of Social Selling continues to grow.

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This article originally appeared on Solution Selling and has been republished with permission.