New words are made up all the time. Merriam-Webster spends hours trolling for new words people are using, and if the usage is spiking, then its a very good chance it can join our lexicon. Some of them make sense, others are products or phrases that have entered our collective consciousness, and some are just plain stupid. Then you have Twitter slang consisting of buzzwords, speak, and jargon — a vernacular that has entered the speak of social media marketers and managers everywhere. The social marketer’s urban Twictionary will help digital mavens across the board understand what’s going on in the confusing sea of Twitterisms.

It can be safe to imply that an Internet minute is now faster than a New York minute, and that Twitter  lingo ebbs and flows like a living, breathing organism; that could be even faster. Just waiting to leave you hanging at the end of an Internet burn, where hipsters goad each other with the, “That was so two days ago,” response to any link you send them.

Each of these social slang words and acronyms actually means something, and we’ll highlight a few of the illustrations below. Then, explore on your own to become fully versed in the new urban Twictionary.

Bird-of-Mouth Marketing: A loose form of Twitter-Based marketing where you rely heavily on Twitter users to share your content with others.

Detweet: The tweet you composed but then erased, for any reason, before posting.

PTT (Peak Tweet Time): The window of time during any given day when Twitter activity is at its highest and marketers seek ultimate tweet visibility.

Politweet: A politically charged tweet that is likely to offend most, if not all, readers.

Repeatweet: A tweet that is sent more than once because the composer believes the content of the message is especially marketable.

Twantrum: An especially annoying rant or tantrum thrown via Twitter.

Twillionaire: A person who became filthy rich because of his or her personal marketing skills on Twitter.

via: Marketo