Extending the life of your phone is now easier than ever before. The lifecycle of our phones is steadily increasing. In 2016, Americans would upgrade or replace their phones after 23 months, but this number has increased to 33 months in 2019. Consumers are keeping their phones longer for three main reasons: new features aren’t as tempting, high prices cause delays in upgrades, and revamped carrier contracts break the 2-year upgrade cycle.

Phone damage happens constantly. Every year, 95 million smartphones are damaged by drops; that’s almost 30 billion in electronic devices. Many people don’t take the steps to protect their smartphones. Over 40% of people weren’t using a case when their phone broke. In the United States, 72% of people have broken a smartphone, and 2 smartphone screens are cracked every second. Those who have previously broken a phone are two times more likely to do so again.

What puts your device most at risk? Breaks usually happen on the go. Whether it’s a car or parking lot, workplace, pool, or during physical activity, those are the actions that result in the most phone damage. Screens and batteries are most likely to break. Cracked screens account for 29% of damages, and non-working batteries account for 22%. 11% of all smartphones experience water damage each year; that’s 100,000 phones per day.

Protecting your device from damage is the best way to combat broken technology. Using a case will guard against drops and other damages, and the screen protector will prevent scratches. In addition, maintaining at least 50% of charge to maximize battery life is another effective way to elongate the life of your device. Chances are you’ve dealt with a broken piece of technology. Before you rush to replace it, consider the alternatives. The benefits of repairing broken devices include reduced emissions, reduced e-waste, energy savings, convenience, resource conservation, and cost savings. Learn more about the secondary phone repair market in the infographic below.

phone repair

Infographic Source: uBreakiFix