If you are a regular reader of our blog, it’s not news to you that effective visual content is key to success on social media. What you might not know however, is just how important it is to expert marketers who are tasked with telling brand stories. Luckily, there’s an infographic for that.

EMarketer recently reported on research from the CMO Council and Libris which uncovered some very compelling data about the way marketers are using visuals in marketing today. The survey of senior marketers throughout North America looked at the importance of a variety of content types for brand storytelling, among them photos, videos, and illustrations. They asked whether they found the content type critical, important, unimportant, or if they were not sure.

In order to help drive home the importance of getting creative with your marketing strategy, we compiled some of the most compelling data in an infographic for you, along with some quick tips for how you can use each type of asset. If you feel intimidated about regularly creating visual content, remember that there are endless possibilities for how you can represent stories, products, and even your staff with visuals. For example, we created over a dozen visual assets for a Mother’s Day campaign simply by asking our colleagues to name one thing they’d like to thank their moms for. Inspiration is everywhere – you just have to get creative!

Infographic: Visuals For Brand Storytelling