There is a vast multitude of web hosting options, so when users decide on which kind of host to use, it’s always best to know all the kinds out there. Web hosting, a service that allows people to create websites for themselves or their businesses, emerged during the dot-com era.

The first type of public hosting available was Shared Web Hosting in 1995, which is still available today. It didn’t offer infrastructure on demand or flexibility, but it was easy to use. Then in 1998 came VPS Hosting, which was a little more flexible and offered root access—a step up from Shared Web Hosting. Public Cloud Computing 1.0, which has been available since 2006, offered billing by the hour, a compute and storage infrastructure, and, eventually, scalability.

Over the next few years, many companies began to launch their own competing cloud services, but there was nothing new about these new services. In order for Cloud Computing to grow and begin to attract a wider audience, it had to become accessible and flexible. So since 2012, Public Cloud Computing providers have done just that. To find out more about Cloud Computing and web hosts, past and present, check out the infographic below presented by ProfitBricks.