The world is a better place thanks to the many charitable organizations that have raised millions in order to serve a specific cause. Some exist for the sole purpose of conserving wildlife and nature in general, while others focus on researching to cure diseases. Regardless of chosen function, these organizations only want to improve the many societies of our planet.

We should recognize the key figures behind charitable organizations for their passion and willingness to devote their time to these causes. These figures by no means struggle financially, but they most definitely sacrifice a great deal of income that they could be making as a CEO of some for-profit company. Although the focus of this infographic is on the salaries of these figures, we should hold our jealousy and instead give them some major props for what they’ve done.

Ralph W. Muller, the highest paid figure on the list at $2 million, has devoted his life to improving the field of medicine through his organization called Penn Medicine. Penn has made quite a few significant discoveries over the years, including the 1st general vaccine against pneumonia, the discovery of the philadelphia chromosome, and the development of the MRI system. Two million in salary is a lot of money for anyone, but when you look at a resume such as his, it seems that this man deserves so much more. Take a look at the other figures in the infographic and I think you’ll see a trend of similar pay sacrifices.