Did you know that it has been proven, a married household with two paychecks are more likely to have children that finish college, go on to find a good job and also have a stable marriage? Living the married life is twice as nice.

While in a single parent home, Americans with less education are less likely to marry, college-educated Americans are more likely to marry another. With a single parent, almost 60% of births outside of marriage are to women who have a high school-education or less; while less than 10% of the births to college-educated women occur outside of marriage. When two incomes come into play, you have more free time to go on vacation and with single parent homes, money is tighter with less disposable income. Unfortunately, children of single parents are more likely to experience childhood poverty, become teenage parents, act up in class and drop out of school.

There’s a dramatic difference in births occurring outside of marriage and it varies by education more than race between 1990 and 2009 to women over 18. In 2009, 61% of women with less than a high school diploma gave birth to a child outside of marriage, while in 1990 the percent of women was only 46. However, women with a Bachelor’s degree or higher giving birth outside of marriage was only 5% in 1990 and 8% in 2009. Therefore, proving to be a large percentage difference in educated women outside of marriage having babies.

Studies showed that children who were between ages 12 and 14 at the start of 1996, those who didn’t live with both parents were less likely to have moved up to a high income group 12 years later as adults. So in the end, children with married parents were able to make more money by finishing college and finding a good job then later on in life having a more stable marriage than children raised in a single parent home.

Infographic: The Economics of Marriage & Divorce

The Economics of Marriage & Divorce by Payday Loan.co.uk