Business Process Outsourcing companies allowed multiple businesses around the world to save up to 70% of their total workforce costs. BPO has become a critical business strategy for small, medium, and large enterprises since such firms can focus on their vital business activities while outsourcing non-core processes.

The Outsourcing and Shared Services industry has grown worldwide, with more firms planning to increase their budgets for outsourcing. Currently, the OSS industry no longer focuses on non-core processes as outsourcing companies have increased their capabilities with cloud technology, Robotic Process Automation, and others that allow them to contribute to more advanced business areas.

The current question now is if other businesses will follow the others’ example and outsource their activities as well. Firms must first assess some considerations before jumping in the bandwagon of the ever-growing number of companies outsourcing their processes.

Companies should consider the areas that they want to outsource, including idea and innovation generation, digital and social media marketing, and other specialized areas. Among the current trends in outsourcing areas are management, innovation, processes, and simple problems, while emerging trends include strategy, differentiations, organizations, and complex problems.

Firms should also consider how competitive the outsourcing company is to ensure that the job can be done efficiently. Companies that focus on their people’s competency can ensure that they can provide high-quality services for their clients.

The security and technologies of the outsourcing company should also be taken into consideration before choosing to trust in a company to ascertain whether or not the outsourcing partner is sufficiently equipped to help a business.

Outsourcing services, including web services, remains relevant in the year 2020, especially since the COVID-19 forced businesses to reduce their expenses and to shift to a remote workforce. Outsourcing allows enterprises to save money while receiving high-quality services. See this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines to see whether or not you should prioritize outsourcing this year.