Barbecuing is one of the world’s favourite ways to cook and takes many forms. From a family meal in the back garden to a world record-breaking fund raising event, people love to cook food outdoors.

When BBQ’s first became popular they tended to be built in a corner of the garden, and relied on the use of charcoal as a cooking method. This limited the times the BBQ could be used and as people began to enjoy the taste of food cooked outdoors manufacturers such as Calor gas realised there was a huge market for self-contained grills which were also safer to use. This has led to the development of the small, portable BBQ unit, which is perfect for gas cooking just about anywhere. Ideal for taking on a camping holiday, picnics, music festivals or just to use on the patio, this self-contained unit is the hottest design in outdoor cooking.

As outdoor events became bigger manufacturers began producing larger barbecues to cope with the requirements. One of the world’s largest standing unit was made in the UK, cost £10,000 and weighs around 2 tonnes. Capable of cooking two cows, three pigs or seven whole lambs, it stands over 11 feet tall. However, this is dwarfed by the unit currently holding the Book of Guiness Records title for World’s Largest Barbecue (Dimensions ) which was made for the Discovery Channel in 2004. This monster stands at over 15 feet tall, and can cook a whole pig, a ten-foot long hotdog and four turkeys at the same time!

Fundraisers have now realised that by putting on huge events such as the largest salmon barbecue, or the longest non-stop barbecuing, will raise their profile and vastly increase donations. Our infographic has details of these and other amazing events that have taken place all over the world.