Single parents may feel stressed and overwhelmed with the daily issues of raising a child alone. Recently an infographic was released that discussed information related to the alarming state of single parenthood. The information included outlines the financial difficulties of struggling single parents.

Statistics show that over 10.3 mothers continued to raise their children alone in 2012. Another alarming total of 1.9 million fathers also raised their children alone in 2012. Most single parent households are a result of couples going through a divorce, getting separated or unfortunately becoming a widow.

There are numerous single mothers that are currently looking for employment. On the other hand, over 66 percent of single moms are employed full times. However, the income isn’t enough to insure that their family is financially secure.

The infographic from provides information on a variety of organizations that offer assistance for single mothers. There are programs that offer employment assistance for single parents. In addition, there are also family support facilities that aid single parents with raising their children.

The financial assistance available for single mothers range from assisting them with everyday care for their family to running their own business. There is also educational assistance available such as the Hope Grant which will help single mothers with their tuition payment for continuing their education.

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