When it comes to prospecting one of the most oldest and most reliable forms has been telemarketing  or more specifically cold calling. Now frown on the practice or not its an old technique that has stood the test of time and its going to be around for a while too.

The issues we face with cold calling however is the 2 major factors of fear of rejection and fear of failure – both play hand in hand to really put stress and strain on the most experienced of veterans. However we’ve put together this great call reluctance infographic that highlights the most common problems we face – see if you recognize any of them.

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Getting Over It

How do  you get over fear and rejection simultaneously? You encourage the ego of this professional; sales is all about confidence and the most confident of professionals can overcome these fears. If you stroke the ego you begin to encourage the ‘counter’ measure for failure and rejection which is hunger for success. When you’re hungry to succeed you can overcome any obstacle without a moments hesitation, as an example think of the amount of times you’ve given into your fears when you’ve had a push from friends or an incentive you just can’t refuse.

This is when you become blind to fear, you feel powerful and brush off any moments of fear and rejection. So basically just encourage everyone within the company to really push but also to remain hungry to succeed – the hunger and determination is enough to push the team passed any call reluctance they may be faced with.