Textgram is a wonderful application that is enjoying a lot of popularity these days. According to reliable source, 0n September 2013, whooping 10 million downloads were reported of Textgram.

If you are yet not familiar with this amazing app, find out what it is and what all you can do with it.

About Textgram
Textgram is a free application that lets you create amazing pictures out of any text. You can keep these beautiful pictures in your own gallery or you can share them with your friends on facebook, whatsapp, Instagram or on any other social networking site of your choice.

Surprise your friends with these beautiful pictures. Make your boring text messages interesting with Textagram!

How does Textgram work?
Do not worry if you have not used Textgram before. It is quite easy to use Textgram. You can download Textgram from Google Play Store, Amazon App store, or Apple App store. After installation, you simply need to load it to start creating beautiful images.

Depending on what you want to do with the image or where you want to put it, you can add custom frames, create special effects for the background, load an image to use in the background, or change the font, size, style, color and shadow of the text.

Textgram has so many interesting features. You would simply love using it!!

You can make your text message lively by putting emotions in it. Textgram Application comes with so many emotions to choose from. You can choose from so many templates or use different options to decorate your text.

Textgram offers many sticker options. These stickers are available in a variety of types. There is a sticker to suit every mood and occasion. You can even import the sticker from your own gallery and can insert it into your message. You can also use stickers from online sources.

This is not all. Textgram application lets you add special effects like reflection, rotation, and color to your text.
Why is Textgram so popular??
Textgram is of great use to those who like to be creative and want to have something more than usual text and photos. You can use this app for creating personal greeting messages in your device.
Textgram has an easy to use interface. There is a bar at the bottom that has different categories that are easy to adjust and use.

It is so easy to use Textgram. You can add text, background, change font, text effects, add filters and do much more.
Download this amazing application and have fun!!