When marketing to a target audience, it’s obviously important to figure out where that target audience is “hanging out.” This infographic which I first discovered on AdWeek paints a pretty good picture of where one very important demographic (teens) can be found when they are online.

Teens have more spending power than ever. They also have more “trendsetting” power than ever. So for many businesses this is an important demographic to get in front of.

It seems that for all the talk of Facebook’s popularity loss among the younger audience, it’s still doing pretty well. 66% of People aged 14-34 are frequent users of the social network. Sure, that’s a pretty big range. But when you hone in on a smaller age range of 14-18 years old, the percentage that identify themselves as frequent users is still 60%.

These numbers paint a picture where teens aren’t necessarily moving away from the platform, but rather adding other platforms into the mix.

The real thing to take not of here is that YouTube has really taken over…especially in the “trendsetter” crowd.

Now, I’m not sure how trendsetter is defined here. And I certainly hope that it’s more than just considering social media to be “cool.” That’s a very questionable definition of trendsetter. But it does make sense to target the people most avid about social media on…social media. And this cross section of the population favors YouTube over Facebook more than the average.