What do the early years of remarkable start-ups look like? Looking at the growth of five stand-out new British companies from the last decade, shows that it’s possible to go from kitchen-table to multi-millions with the right strategy and support.

Famously, Levi Root’s took his unique sauces from a hobby to a seven-figure business via an appearance on Dragon’s Den. He didn’t rest on his early success, continuing to innovate and penetrate new markets, including his extremely profitable venture into the soft-drinks sector.

In contrast, Anesco, an energy efficiency company, drew on outstanding talent from within the sector, enabling them to start winning major government housing contracts by their second year of business.

One of Infectious Media’s initial steps to triple digit growth was signing up to Yahoo’s Ad Exchange, priming them to be first movers on the real-time bidding advertising boom. To ensure that their bidding platform was optimised they visited the ad exchange start-ups in the States.

Looking at the first years of all five exceptional companies in the British Businesses from Start-up to Multi-millions infographic, shows that that what unites them all is a willingness to innovate, spotting the next major opportunity rather than simply emulating what industry leaders were already doing.