You may be familiar with mobile payment options like NFC and cloud-based wallets—they get all the hype. Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) has received little attention despite its extensive use, immediate viability and great potential. DCB initially came to use several years ago as a way to buy ringtones and wallpapers. Today, it has become a convenient way to monetize apps, and a powerful tool to capture a portion of the “app economy” that’s estimated to be worth $25 million. DCB is highly useful to people who lack access to basic financial services—such as consumers in developing markets or younger consumer who don’t yet have bank or credit accounts.

Direct Carrier Billing on App Stores is expected to grow. Emerging markets present the maximum potential for DCB—in Indonesia, over 83 percent of total Windows Phone Store purchases are processed over DCB. DCB has a 300 percent year-over-year growth rate on Google Play. Users of Playstation, Virgin TV and Skype can all use DCB for certain purposes. Among the angels of DCB include financial inclusion of the unbanked, a smooth customer experience and higher conversions. To learn more about DCB—including the formula for carriers to move DCB to the next level—check out the infographic below presented by