The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will clash during Super Bowl XLIX this weekend, but as the teams gear up for the big game, another battle is primed for primetime.

Super BowlFans from New England and Seattle will likely be rooting for their respective team to take home the trophy. Both teams boast a very diverse set of football fans, which makes the job of marketers and advertisers that want to appeal to those audiences more difficult. Luckily, there’s a wealth of data that can be applied by them to better understand what makes both of these sports teams’ audiences “tick,” as well as the broader football audience at large. Informing media decisions across the marketing lifecycle are a natural fit for these kinds of insights, but these location-based findings — combined with TV viewership, retail purchases and demographics — help marketers across all industries with the ammo needed to make all types of marketing decisions.

To find out, PlaceIQ just released a new report that uses location data to detail the differences between fans of both teams— from what they like to eat, where they shop, how far they travel, to what they do for fun.

Some of the key findings of the PlaceIQ PIQonomics report, based on a comparison against the average consumer  include:

  • Patriots fans are more likely to be older (35-54 years old) and higher income ($75K+)
  • Seahawks fans are more likely to be sports enthusiasts and 14 percent more likely to enjoy skiing for recreation
  • Patriots fans are more likely to enjoy a night on the town because they are 3 times more likely to attend a concert and nearly 50 percent more likely to visit bars
  • Seahawks fans are 2.4 times more likely to eat at Red Lobster, while Patriots fans are 62 percent more likely to eat at Pizza Hut

Check out some of the infographic below. For the larger version, head here.



For similar insights, PlaceIQ has also published reports on Holiday Shopping, Cars & Drivers, the Hispanic Shopper, the People of Fast Food, and Baseball.