You can read all the James Salter books you like and appear smart as heck as ever, but if you’re in London and can’t wear your most fashionable clothes, the joke shall be on you. How can you not wear your best pastel-colored classic dress when you’re in London and you can visit so many places where your fashion should fit so well? It’s a shame that people can’t wear their fashionable selves today because there are too many good fashionable accessories and dresses to wear for any type of human being who loves to be wearing pretty Audrey Hepburn clothes.

If you want a guide on what to wear during summer in London, look no further than this infographic which contains the best useful and practical guides about bags, jackets and accessories to wear in summer while walking around London or hitching a ride to Paris to watch a special screening of a Woody Allen film. Be like Kiera Knightley or Carey Mulligan, and be sophisticated as you should be with the help of this infographic.