There’s a certain process you have to go through to get a job with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Secret Service.  These agencies fight against a lot of different things, but getting a job there can seem like a fight in itself.

The FBI fights against terrorism, cyber attacks, interstate crime, and organized crime, just to name a few.  The CIA gathers, interprets, and disseminates intelligence related to national security.  The Secret Service not only protects our national leaders, but also protects our monetary system as well.  The NSA collects data to fight terrorism.

As with most jobs, the process of getting hired at one of these federal agencies starts with an online application process.  Once you are notified you qualify, you will be asked to take either one test or a series of tests.  The process varies slightly from there, and can include medical screenings, drug screening, psychological screenings, background checks, and a polygraph test.

Learn more about the process of getting hired in one of these federal agencies from this helpful infographic.  The process may be long but it doesn’t have to be shrouded in mystery.  Don’t forego the opportunity of a lifetime because you just aren’t sure what is involved.