Digital display advertising continues to become more sophisticated, and spending reached a whopping $26.15 Billion in 2015. This represents a growth of 27% from the previous year. By the time we reach 2019, it would have surpassed the $4o Billion, according to Invespcro.

Infographic source – US Digital Display Advertising by Invesp

Mobile has become a big deal, you know

If you look at the above trend, you will notice something peculiar. While digital desktop ads spending out-performed mobile ad spending by over 99% in 2010, mobile digital ad spending has overtaken desktop. This has been spurred by the proliferation of mobile devices, and now consumers are browsing on the go.

What this means is that publishers/marketers who are still stuck in 2014 and earlier are going to have to count their losses. That is why there is a lot of emphasis on mobile responsiveness. So if you are serving digital ads, it is important to bear in mind that majority of your audience will be accessing content via their mobile devices.

What types of display or banner ads perfume better

Not all types of digital ads are created equal. Rectangular banners that are embedded into web pages are the most popular types of display ads, accounting for more than 44% of total display ad spending. However, video advertising is also growing in popularity because they now account for more than 29% of all display spending. Video advertising is a highly efficient form of advertising because it makes it easier for the consumer to consume content.

Streaming videos that automatically play the moment the user hovers its mouse have become very popular because of their ability to grab the user’s attention instantly. In short, video ads are growing faster than banners. Although they are more expensive to create, they result in higher ROI.

Another interesting type of display advertising is sponsored posts. Many marketers have found it crucial to leverage on the popularity of some websites and blogs by buying ad spaces where they publish their promotional posts. You’ll see this in most popular digital news sites and trend blogs.