The State of B2B Content Marketing: What is Effective? [infographic]

Content marketing is something that we do daily here at Brandwatch. In fact, it is what most of the marketing team are doing right this second as we’re normally writing interesting and engaging posts (well we think they are!) to keep people coming back for more.

That is why we were intrigued when we saw this new infographic (below) from B2B marketing with findings from their B2B Marketing Content Benchmarking Report.

The previous infographic from B2B presented some insightful statistics regarding how businesses used social media strategy.

Similarly, their latest offering reveals some surprising results that could help marketers to change their approach to content marketing.

The most intriguing finding was that the most frequently-used content types are not always the most effective.

Press releases, blog posts and case studies are used most often by companies but it was found that the most successful forms of content marketing are case studies, whitepapers and videos.

Here are a few more content marketing-related stats:

  • 86% of marketers believe that content marketing is important/critical for their companies.
  • Marketers spend 37% of their time on the creation of content for marketing purposes.
  • Over a quarter of marketing budgets are spent on creating content alone.
  • 56% of marketers report increased sales as a result of content marketing.
  • The main challenge faced by those using content marketing is measuring it’s ROI.
  • The previous fact is reflected in the data collected on ROI, with 6 out of 10 marketers struggling to measure it.
  • The top three content objectives are brand positioning, demand generation and audience engagement.

Have a look at the infographic and see for yourself! You can buy the full report from B2B marketing here.

B2B infographic