May 4th has arrived! The day all of us hard-core Star Wars fans run around saying, “May the 4th be with you!” (and yes, I’m as hard-core as they come). In honor of this great day, and for fans young and old, we have created the ultimate Star Wars Infographic, finally answering the question you’ve all be dying to know:

On What Side of the Star Wars (Work) Force Do You Belong?

There are many types of workers in the workplace: Leaders & Followers. Team Players & Hermits. The Office Busybody & The Strategist. And no matter how big or small your business is, you’ve probably got at least one of each type roaming around. But here’s the real question: Where does their loyalty lie? With the Dark Side or the Light Side?

Take a couple minutes to find out where you belong. Don’t worry, it’s as easy as bullseyeing womp rats in your T-16 back home!

Start at the top and follow your answers down to the bottom. Will you ultimately end up on the Dark Side of the Force, with Vader and The Emperor? Or are you a good guy at heart — finding yourself siding with Luke, Leia and Han? Maybe you’re the wise Jedi Master of your office… the one everyone comes to for answers. Or you could just end up being one of those good ol’ fashioned, follow-the-leader types, aka: Storm Troopers.

As for me, I’m a definite Princess Leia… though depending on the day I’m taking the quiz, I can also become borderline Darth Vader too! I guess I too, underestimate the power of the darkside!

So go ahead and take the quiz. As Vader famously quotes,

“It is your destiny!”

What Star Wars Force Do You Belong To?

Light Side:

Luke Skywalker: You’re a bit whiny when you don’t get your way, but you don’t give up and you’re the ultimate hero in the end.

Han Solo: Sarcastic, witty and stubborn, but you’re a great asset – especially in a rough spot.

Yoda: Wise, calm and collected. The ultimate good side guy!

Princess Leia: Yep, you’re a firecracker and a leader… and an ambassador to all species.


Storm Trooper: You’re the 9-5 guy. Hard worker and always following directions.

Dark Side:

Darth Vader: LIke a cactus, dangerous on the outside, but if someone can actually get inside, you’ve got a soft spot somewhere in there. (Deep, deep, deep in there.)

The Emperor: Watch out! Nothing (or no one) is getting in your way! Just be careful… it’s lonely at the top – and can ultimately lead to a morbid death!

Who are you and what side of the force are you on? Tell us in the comments… We’d love to hear your results!

** This infographic was made by the extremely creative Inbound Marketing team at FaxNgo and special guest icon designer, Filipe Carvalho.

This post was originally posted on the FaxNgo blog.

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