How are you marketing your business online? One of the major ad strategies across the internet is known as web retargeting – either on standard sites or through the Facebook Exchange. Web retargeting allows you to show ads on other sites after a user visits yours, encouraging them to buy (if they didn’t already) and helping keep your brand on the top of their minds. Facebook Exchange allows you to do largely the same thing, but showing those ads on Facebook. Web-based advertising platform AdRoll integrates with all major ad exchanges, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, appnexus and, as of 2012, social media goliath Facebook. So which advertising strategy is the better option?

This infographic provides data comparing standard web retargeting and Facebook Exchange ads. The two types of ads allow for different things: standard ads allow for rich media, including expandables, animation and more. They can also come in variety of sizes. On the other hand, they are only sometimes visible, whereas Facebook Exchange ads are visible constantly but do not allow for rich media and only come in one size. Still, the data from the infographic suggests that Facebook ads are continuing to gain popularity, both in total retargeting impressions and total retargeting clicks, since their implementation in 2012.

Do you market your business using retargeted ads? If so, which do you prefer – Facebook Exchange or standard web retargeting? Check out this infographic for more information on the two, and be sure to leave a comment about how either one is working for you!

Courtesy of: AdRoll Retargeting