Fake social media profiles can be a serious problem for your business. Have you ever had a bad review on Facebook and wondered where this person had come from or if there had been some sort of vendetta behind it? Oftentimes when there is a business dispute things can get easily out of hand, and in the age of social media that means online harassment that can last for days or even weeks. And the most damaging part is that oftentimes that harassment involves fake social media profiles with no real reason to look for an amicable resolution. There are actually people out there who thrive on creating conflict, and in many cases it can tear a business apart.

Learning to spot fake social media profiles and knowing how to act is a crucial skill for a business owner. Even when there is no real malice behind a social media comment or review – such as when someone might just be playing a prank – dealing with these issues takes valuable time out of your day that you could be spending elsewhere.

Look for profile pictures that are of celebrities or inanimate objects – these are often a telltale sign of a fake social media profile. Look for low interaction with followers, high follower counts, or low follower counts. When an interaction occurs it’s important to assess the situation. Is there a possibility this is a legitimate concern? Is this a real customer? If the answer to both of those questions appears to be no and the profile appears to be fake, oftentimes the best course of action is to block and report the offender.

Being a savvy social media user is an important part of a business owner’s skills set. Learn more about spotting fake social media profiles from this infographic. They are more prevalent than you might think!

Infographic Source: Social Catfish