In the month of February, you notice more hearts and cupids floating around in your midst. This is because February is the home of Valentine’s Day, the most romantic — and somewhat stressful — holiday of the year. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, the bombardment of hearts, flowers, and candy today might motivate you to get yourself out there.

Hiring the right person for your open positions can be like finding your soulmate. In both cases it’s not easy, and you should never settle for second best. This is why more people are taking up speed dating to find their romantic partners, and video interviewing to find their star employees.

Speed dating can be a great way to evaluate more potential suitors, while the video interview can be a great way to screen candidates more quickly and focus on only the top talent for your organization.The infographic below, compiled by Spark Hire, an online video resume and interviewing platform, compares the search for that special someone to the hunt for your perfect hire.

Whether your looking for your soulmate or your perfect hire, this infographic can help you cut down the process as you search for “The One.”

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