Mobile marketing is every businesses dream, it can return huge response rates with very little cost or work.

The guys over at Cellit have estimated that the mobile marketing response rates are 8 times higher than that of email.

However despite these positive response rates a recent study made by Hipcricket shows that businesses and marketers really need to improve their content in their messages.

The mobile is a very powerful and personal device, it goes everywhere with us and we love to communicate via it, so sending your customers messages via it makes perfect sense – but your message needs to make perfect sense to your customer.

Here are just some of the stats found from the study of asking consumers how they felt about the messages they were receiving

  • 52% felt the message was spammy
  • 46% felt the message wasn’t relevant to them and their interests
  • 33% said the message didn’t offer any value
  • 41% would share more information with brands if they were offered relevant offers or coupons

The study tells us that people like to receive messages from brands through their mobile but the messages needs to be relevant and offer some value.

Customer segmentation is imperative. Segmenting your audience by age, sex, interests, occupation etc. will help you send more relevant messages to your customer.

Before you hit the send button ask yourself would you like to receive this message? Does it offer value to the customer?

More relevance to the individual = a higher response.

More ham less spam.