The journey of an email marketer towards successful email campaigns is quite bumpy. The misery of dealing with multiple email clients, the need for responsive emails for smartphones, and the rise in mime multipart message after the launch of wearables, are precisely few anomalies. And, with the buzz of the internet of everything, marketers will surely experience more rough rides ahead.

Plenty of questions give marketers a headache before they shoot an email campaign. But if the solutions to some basic questions aren’t answered accurately, such queries can bombard and create ample issues. These ample issues would affect your email inbox placement and ultimately tweak the ROI of your email campaigns.

So, what are these basic questions that create so much chaos for email marketers to end up with nothing but disappointment? Well, here are some of the most frequently asked questions that can give you a high blood pressure if you don’t know the answer.

  • How can I improve my email open rates?
  • How can I build trust among the customers?
  • Is resending the same email a good idea?
  • How can wearables affect my email marketing campaigns?
  • What best practices should I follow to implement attractive email designs?

Well, many email marketers seem to avoid such simple yet quintessential queries which can help them in making their email campaigns successful. To unfold such email marketing mysteries, Email Monks & Vision6 shed some light on those niggling questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

This “solution to top 10 email marketing questions” infographic is built to deal with some common email marketing glitches. In this infographic, we’ve encompassed the top 3 email design trends that’ll keep you updated. Key principals for an accessible email design, solutions to the impact of wearables on email designs, and much more.

Email Marketing Questions

Check out our Top 10 Email Marketing Questions Infographic.