This year’s World Cup competition was fierce, and it seemed like everyone across the globe wanted a piece of it. Social media was no different: fans, brands, and casual observers live-tweeted the matches, shared ads and real-time marketing content, and more. Even the players got in on social this season by making major announcements or apologies through platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The 2014 World Cup has been dubbed the most social sporting event of all time.

Here at uberVU, via Hootsuite, we set up a multitude of searches to track the results in social. The below metrics capture public mentions of our search terms from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, blog comments, news sources, and more of the 25+ platforms uberVU via Hootsuite monitors, for June 12th through July 13th. That’s a lot of data!

To pull it all together, we’ve created this infographic showcasing some of the highlights of the competition—the social media stats around the games, big moments, winning (and losing) teams, star players, and sponsor brands that made a splash over the past month.

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