Social media management strategy in 30 minutes a day is possible. Using the steps in this handy infographic you can get things done fast. As long as you are disciplined, this social media managemnt plan is feasible. Companies seem to be making social part of all marketers jobs instead of hiring a dedicated social media manager. This is particularly true of small business and sole proprieterships.

Marketers struggle to manage their companies social media accounts every day. The key is to focus on the most popular social networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram to start. Once you have a system down, you can add other networks.

The key is to spend 10 minutes on Twitter, 6 on facebook, 6 on LinkedIn, 4 on Pinterest, 2 on Google+, and 2 on Instagram. The key tasks are responding, sharing your content and others, and engaging with people that liked or shared your content too. You can even schedule sharing for most social networks by using a great tool like Buffer app. Once you get this process down, you should spend additional time on engagement to get the most bang for your buck.

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(Infographic source: Salesforce Pardot. Photo by deanmeyersne via Flickr.)